AbleSet and TouchOSC

Hallo, I try to display Infos from Ableset in TouchOSC, but can’t get a connection to receive data. I though can control Ableset via TouchOSC.

In the documentation it says:
To register your OSC server with AbleSet, send the /subscribe command with the IP address and port, and optionally a name – e.g.:

/subscribe 8000 TouchOSC

But I don’t know where to put this line…
help is highly appreciated

Hey @pollensi, welcome to the forum!

In TouchOSC, you can use the script panel of your document to automatically send the subscribe command to AbleSet when you run the project:

CleanShot 2023-12-04 at 17.30.37@2x

You can replace the “” with “auto” if you’re running TouchOSC on a different device than AbleSet.

The 2nd command, /getValues, forces AbleSet to send the current state of all values to you, which might be useful to immediately populate all elements in your project with the current values.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions!

The connections between AbleSet and TouchOSC is working as long as I tun TouchOSC on the same machine as AbleSet. When I connect an iPad running TouchOSC to the Computer running ableset I can see in Protokoll that the computer is receiving e.g. the /global/play message, but Ableset is not reacting.
What am I Doing wrong?

Protokoll might be interfering with AbleSet in this case. One port can only be used by one application at the same time, so AbleSet might not have access to the OSC port while Protokoll is listening for incoming messages on it.

Could you try closing Protokoll, restarting AbleSet, and check if that helps?

I restarted the iPad and the Mac. conected both via ethernet.


Than i start ableset and look in TouchOSC for the server and Connect them:

but nothing Happens in AbleSet.
Hope you can help
when i tun the same touchOSC file on the Mac itself. it works.

Edit: just saw that I had one IP starting with 168 and the other with 169, but now I put both in 168 in still nothing….
If I use OSC Monitor in Ableton it sees the incoming message though.

I just managed to reproduce the issue on my end and will release a fix for this in the next update soon :slight_smile:

Great. That means I am not stupid! :grinning:
Thank you!
So I will wait for the update.

I just released AbleSet 2.5.3 which should fix the issue. Could you try to update and check if it works for you as well now?

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Awesome. It works like charme! Thank you so much!!! :blush:

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update solved it… sry

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