AbleSet 2.7.0-beta.1

  • Added support for DirectOut’s EXBOX.MD
    • When an EXBOX.MD is detected on the network, its automatically shown in AbleSet’s title bar, similar to how the PlayAUDIO support works
    • Here’s a video demoing this feature:
  • Re-Added support for Oaktone’s Floor Vista MIDI controller
  • Improved the stability and reliability of AbleNet’s automatic detection of other hosts on the network
  • Fixed an issue where STOP markers at the end of songs in multi-file projects were not properly shown in the setlist
  • Fixed stop overrides not working in multi-file projects
  • Fixed an issue that caused the global quantization to jump to 1 bar in some cases when AbleNet is enabled

You can download this version here:
Mac (ARM):


Hi Leo! by when can we expect this to be released? Thanks! Been using it regularly and no issues whatsoever, looks pretty stable!