AbleSet 2.6.0-beta.9

  • Added the ability to jump between sections and display them on Oakboard controllers
  • Added a button to restore a MIDI controller’s preset mappings to its defaults
  • Improved handling of licenses and the demo mode
    • AbleSet doesn’t wait for license data to be available before starting the server
    • The remaining demo time is now displayed in the web app
    • When reaching the end of the demo, the web app stays available and lets users know about it
    • Activating or deactivating a license doesn’t make the server restart anymore
  • Added more classes to the printed setlist and turned the heading into an actual h1 tag
  • Fixed a bug that caused the web app’s state to be outdated when AbleSet was closed and restarted
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the Ableton plugin wasn’t able to send more than 64 KB of data to AbleSet, leading to issues with projects that have a large number of lyrics clips
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet believed Live was loading a project file after the file had loaded
  • Fixed a bug where small images in lyrics would not be upscaled to the full page even if they’re marked as [full]

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):