AbleSet 2.6.0-beta.5

  • Added an AbleNet toggle for each MIDI input on the MIDI mapping page (see docs)
    • Since most redundant setups use a MIDI controller that is connected to all playback computers, MIDI commands aren’t sent to other computers via AbleNet anymore by default
  • Added an indicator that flashes MIDI mappings on the MIDI mapping page when they are triggered
  • Added a system to uniquely identify client devices on the network
  • Added OSC commands to lock/unlock clients and to navigate to a given URL (see docs)
  • Added the ability to send notifications to specific devices (see docs)
  • Added OSC endpoints to control AbleNet, based on the AbleNet OSC commands thread (see docs)
  • Changed the OSC updates for connected audio interface names, so now all names are sent as one message (see docs)
  • Improved messages when Live is loading a project file
    • Instead of “Connection to Live is lost…”, you’ll now see “Loading Project File.als…” which is more accurate
  • Reduced false positives that would trigger the “Plugin is not installed” error in AbleSet’s status window
  • Increased the clock width to avoid text clipping in Chrome
  • Fixed a bug where a spacer line after the last lyrics line would be highlighted when the playhead was still over the lyrics line
  • Improved error reporting

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):

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This is an awesome update Leo! :clap:

I love to see the OSC growth. Sending commands to specific devices is powerful. Now if we could have an Ableton track that sends OSC commands on the timeline if would be incredible!

Bravo. :tada:

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