AbleSet 2.6.0-beta.2

  • Added the ability to use M and N to scroll through the lyrics
    • Once used, the current lyrics line is pinned so it doesn’t change when the playhead crosses the next lyrics line in Live’s arrangement
    • This is helpful for songs that don’t use a metronome so you can’t specify the timing of lyrics precisely
    • You can use ⇧ + M to toggle this function on or off
  • Improved scene switching on connected PlayAUDIO1U interfaces
    • When switching to scene A, the alarm state is now cleared as well

Fixes from AbleSet 2.5.6:

  • Fixed the guide track being disabled when another song is queued
  • Fixed an issue where transposing chords could lead to weird results like Fb

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):