AbleSet 2.5.0

  • Added support for automatic jumps to other sections in a song
    • For example, if you’d like AbleSet to jump to the bridge after the first verse of a song, you could name the verse section Verse 1 >>> Bridge
    • The section that is being jumped to needs to either be defined by a locator or have a locator at the same position
    • Automatic jumps are displayed in the setlist using arrows so you can quickly see which section will be played next
    • Skipped sections are marked as such in the setlist and are excluded from the song duration
    • If the current section has an automatic jump to another section, guide tracks are muted
  • Added shortcuts for jumping between sections
    • jumps to the beginning of the current section or to the previous section
    • jumps to the next section
  • Added a “Dynamic” jump mode that jumps at the end of the current section when a section is queued and at the end of the current song when a song is queued
  • Added a floating setlist window that always stays on top
  • Added an option to show a separate loop button in performance view
  • Added a loop button to the lyrics page
  • Added a stop indicator to the next song line in lyrics and a pause indicator to section headers of sections that use a +PAUSE flag
  • Added a pause indicator in the setlist view for sections that use a +PAUSE flag
  • Added the ability to send custom OSC commands to external servers in MIDI mapping
  • Added OSC and MIDI commands for soloing or muting all click tracks
  • Added a new +CLICK flag you can add to tracks to mark them as click tracks
  • Added support for marking return tracks as click tracks
  • Added a //sleep statement that can be placed in between custom OSC commands to make AbleSet wait for a specified time
    • For example: /global/stop; //sleep 2500; /global/play makes AbleSet wait 2.5s between stopping and playing
  • Added an OSC endpoint to set and receive the Live project’s global quantization
    • /global/quantization 1/2 sets the quantization to 1/2
  • Added an AbleNet toggle to the Max for Live device that allows you to disable the propagation of commands through AbleNet
    • This is helpful in a redundant setup where both computers receive the same commands via MIDI anyway, so there’s no need for AbleNet to send those commands between them
    • With this toggle enabled, playback commands like Play, Pause, and Stop are now also sent to other computers via AbleNet
  • Added support for OBS
    • When AbleSet detects that it’s loaded inside OBS, it automatically makes its background transparent, so you can, for example, embed lyrics on top of another video
  • Made the lyrics page remember the last selected lyrics track
  • Improved the latency when pressing play/pause
  • Improved the stability for importing setlists
  • When the setlist is updated, AbleSet now marks your project as changed so you’ll be asked to save your project file
    • This is primarily to avoid changes to the setlist being lost when you close your project without saving it first
  • Changed the “Custom IP Addresses” label to “Connect to Custom IPs” on the settings page to make it easier to understand
  • Made image paths in lyrics case-insensitive
  • Declared the custom “scripts.js” file as a module to allow top-level imports
  • Addressed lyrics not scrolling to the top reliably when jumping to a new song
  • Addressed project files with special file names breaking some features
  • Addressed a race condition when adding or removing time in the timeline moves a lot of locators and clips which caused setlist positions to be lost
  • Fixed AbleSet not working on iOS 13 or older
  • Fixed settings not being changeable after disconnecting from WiFi
  • Fixed top-aligned lyrics being hidden behind UI elements in performance view sometimes
  • Fixed a memory leak in Chromium-based browsers when AbleSet stays in the background for too long
  • Fixed clicking the song timeline still working while the performance view is locked
  • Fixed setlists not being synced properly between AbleNet instances in some cases
  • Fixed “next section” tag not showing the correct section when jumping to the first section in a song
  • Fixed a possible race condition where Live would stop twice, leading to the playhead jumping to the start of the timeline
  • Fixed AbleSet not always stopping at markers that use the . stop notation
  • Fixed AbleSet on Windows sometimes not recognizing that a new song has been loaded
  • Fixed clip colors not being applied to sections that also have a locator
  • Fixed notes like C# being recognized as a tag in song names
  • Fixed tags and other data being extracted out of song descriptions
  • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the wrong song after stopping in rare cases
  • Fixed jumping to a song by its position in the setlist (e.g. /setlist/jumpToSong 2) not working in multi-file projects
  • Fixed incorrect title on the “Web App Password” window
  • Fixed sections with an error not having a red background
  • Fixed lyrics images sometimes not loading when some files in the image folder aren’t images
  • Fixed lyrics fade gradient not working on Chrome/Opera/Edge
  • Added the current setlist to the log package
  • Upgraded dependencies
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Awesome, awesome work Leo. Love the progression of external OSC capability via the midi mapping. The next big step would be sending external OSC in the timeline from a clip. I once built something similar with Max but it was pretty clunky. I’m sure you could do it better. Kind of like a lyrics track but for sending OSC strings to different servers. Great job!

Nice Leo!

Any change of the option to set up an automatic jump to a section in another song like: Bridge >>> Song2:Chorus

I have messed around with some to do this but certainly not as clean as if it was native like you set up automatic jump within the song. If it helps, I am thinking like creating a medley that might go from a section in one song right into another song chorus or somewhere besides the beginning. What are you thoughts?

That’s definitely on my roadmap for the next big update :rocket:

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That’s an interesting idea, I hadn’t thought of that use case yet! I’ll see what’s possible. While it’s unlikely that I can make the jumping arrow design work with this, the jumps themselves shouldn’t be too hard to implement.


Ya I can see the arrow getting hectic. Might be better to the alternative >>>> you mentioned before when going to a song. That would also be a good indicator it is another song too. Thanks!

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Are there any Updates or workarounds (other than setting the song locater to the section I want Ableset to jump to) for this topic?
Maybe something like: Bridge >>> Songname:Vers 1
would make more sense, than: Bridge >>> Song2:Chorus
Especially if u wanna change ur setlist and Song 2 isn’t Song 2 anymore.

Hey @Ableonton,

I haven’t gotten to working on this one yet, but I agree that jumping to a song by its name makes more sense than jumping to a song by its position in the setlist.

I’ll reply to this thread again when this is available to test :slight_smile: