AbleSet 2.4.0-beta.8

  • Added a page that lists all connected browsers to debug latency issues
  • Added song tags to the performance page
  • Added a proper error message for images in lyrics that couldn’t be found
  • Improved [full] images in lyrics to always take up the entire height of the page and added an animated transition to the full image size
  • Improved the resilience of AbleNet in some network configurations
  • Reduced the number of connections each browser makes to AbleSet for real-time updates
  • Increased the ping timeout for browsers to 10 seconds to avoid the “connection lost” message on unstable networks
  • Addressed images in lyrics sometimes not being aligned properly when jumping to a song
  • Fixed playback and loop controls from OSC not being forwarded to other AbleNet instances
  • Fixed chords being misaligned in lyrics
  • Fixed /settings leading to a 404 when opened directly
  • Fixed preferred network setting being accidentally synced between AbleNet instances
  • Fixed the AbleNet menu bar item’s look on larger screens
  • Fixed “Cued Song” button on the AbleSet Controller not always working
  • Fixed lyrics always jumping to the first lyrics track when reloading the page

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):

Here’s a quick preview of what the connected devices page looks like:

You can access it from the settings page by clicking on “Connected Devices” in the debug section. I’m not quite sure whether the name is optimal for this page. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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