AbleSet 2.3.4

  • Added custom class names to the “next song” line in lyrics
    • If the next song is Song Name [.custom], then the custom class is added to the lyrics line so you can give it a custom style
  • Added a force=true parameter to the jumpBySongs and jumpBySections OSC commands which disables jumping to the beginning of the current song or section when jumping back one song or section
  • Added OSC events for the current timecode and framerate
  • Added more detailed logging around installing the plugin
  • Added a tooltip to the “Visual Metronome” setting in performance view when the AbleSet Controller isn’t loaded in the current Live project
  • Improved the latency of commands being sent to Ableton Live
  • Addressed an issue where the loop bracket wouldn’t move to the last section of the last song in the arrangement view
  • Fixed lyrics lines with only chords taking up too much vertical space
  • Fixed an issue where Live would stop songs shortly before the STOP locator
  • Fixed queued song not being sent correctly over OSC
  • Fixed the active PlayAUDIO12 scene that is sent over OSC being stuck on the last value when no PlayAUDIO12 is connected

You can download this release here:
Mac (ARM):