AbleSet 2.3.0

  • Added a +CLIPCOLORS (short: +CC) flag to sections/lyrics tracks that makes AbleSet use the colors of clips instead of the color tags in the clip names
    • This works for section clips and lyrics clips
    • Click on Setlist → Set Clip Colors From Names to transfer the colors from clip names to the clip color and remove the color tags from the names
  • Improved the way durations are calculated
    • Now supports songs with tempo changes
    • Durations for sections are now shown as well
    • You’ll now see durations for songs in multi-file projects as well
    • Changes are reflected instantly
  • Improved multi-file projects
    • SONG END markers are now supported at the end of songs and will
    • AbleSet now shows sections of all songs in the setlist, so you can easily jump to a specific section in a specific project file
    • Added support for files without a start marker
  • Added support for Lyrics and Section Clips in Live 10
    • Changes are only reflected in AbleSet when you save the project file
  • Added a new toggle next to every song in the setlist editor that allows you to decide whether playback should stop after reaching the SONG END marker
    • Playback will always stop at the end of songs with a STOP or AUTOSTOP marker
  • Added a confirmation dialog when trying to pause playback in Safe Mode
    • You have to press the pause button twice in less than 2 seconds in order to actually stop playback
  • Added loading indicators to playback controls when a request takes longer than expected
  • Added support for custom JavaScript files to customize the web app
  • Added OSC commands for adding/removing locators at section clips
  • Added new OSC events and made it easier to subscribe to them (see docs)
  • Added a way to define where a lyrics line should be moved when it crosses a section clip
    • [<] in the clip name moves the line before the section header, [>] moves it after the section header (see docs)
  • Added new shortcuts (0-9) to switch between lyrics tracks
  • Added an “Enable Loop” button to the Max for Live AbleSet Controller
  • Added a menu to choose which network interface you’d like to run AbleSet on
    • This influences the IP address that is shown in the status window and used for AbleNet
  • Added more debug information, especially focused on the network setup, to log packages
  • Changed the preferred port number AbleSet runs on, now using port 80 if possible
    • This means you can now leave out the port when you access AbleSet from another device on your network
  • Improved the timing of un-soloing the click track at the end of a count-in
  • Improved the way AbleSet checks if it can be reached on the network
  • Improved the stability when automatically placing locators at section clips
  • Fixed multiple bugs around editing the setlist with AbleNet enabled
  • Fixed restarting song not working properly in multi-file projects when the start marker isn’t at the beginning of the project file
  • Fixed a bug that caused a skipped song to show up in performance mode after the last song had finished when “Autojump to the Next Song” was enabled
  • Fixed clicking on an address in the status window to copy it to the clipboard
  • Fixed a small layout shift on the performance page when the tooltip of the last playback button is shown

Here’s a video of the most important updates:

You can download this version here:
Mac (ARM):