AbleSet 2.3.0-beta.20

We’re slowly but surely nearing the stable release of AbleSet 2.3.0.

  • Added OSC commands to add/remove markers at section clips
    • Available under /setlist/setLocatorsFromClips and /setlist/removeClipLocators
  • Added --color-primary CSS variables to allow creating custom color themes
  • Made the setlist title a link to the setlist page when you’re on the AbleNet hosts page
  • Improved the timing of un-soloing the click track at the end of a count-in
  • Improved the delay before scrolling to the current song or section in setlist view when the auto-expand setting is disabled
  • Fixed multiple bugs around editing the setlist with AbleNet enabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused a skipped song to show up in performance mode after the last song had finished when “Autojump to the Next Song” was enabled
  • Fixed the wrong song being highlighted as queued when jumping to the first section in a song

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):

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I am still haveing issues with Playback stopping before the first cue and then loading the next song

I’m assuming it has something to do with placement/naming of the cue markers.

Looks like the song start with certain sets, is placed randomly 4 beats before or after the first cue marker.

I will report if I find out. Also this does not happen always.

That makes it more tricky to reproduce unfortunately, but I’ll see if I can get the same issue to appear on my end as well. If you notice any project file this happens more regularly with, please send me a log package along with your multi-file project files via email so I can inspect this more closely :slight_smile: