AbleSet 2.3.0-beta.16

  • Switched all colors in the web app to CSS variables to make custom styling easier
  • Fixed clip updates in sections and lyrics tracks sometimes not being recognized by AbleSet
  • Fixed jumping to the first section of a song sometimes leading to the playhead being placed before the song when count-in was enabled
  • When a song and a section are on the same beat, highlight the song while it’s queued
  • Fixed buttons in the “Jump Mode Buttons” Max for Live device not being MIDI-mappable

You can download the beta here:
Mac (ARM):

Seems stop cues are broken in both 2.3.0-beta 15 and 16
Both marker cues and WebGUI stop cues are broken

Thanks for the report, that's a serious bug!

I just managed to find a fix for it and have pushed an update that should be online in a few minutes.