AbleSet 2.3.0-beta.15

  • Added an option to let AbleSet detect the IP address of your OSC server when subscribing to events
  • Added more class names to playback controls in the setlist view
  • Added shortcuts 0-9 to switch between lyrics tracks
  • Added an “Enable Loop” button to the AbleSet Controller
  • Improved the performance in large sessions with many songs and sections
    • This one might introduce issues with the matching of songs and sections, so be on the lookout for any weird behavior. I’ve tested it on my end and it all seems to work well, but I might have missed some edge cases.
  • Fixed lyrics jumping back to the first lyrics track each time the page is reloaded
  • Fixed jumping to the first section clip in a song not working while Live is playing even if it starts at the same time as the song locator

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):


what’s the class name to target so to make a high contrast loop in setlist view?

I’ve just added an example here: High-Contrast Loop Toggle - #4 by leolabs