AbleSet 2.3.0-beta.14

  • Added a function to transfer colors in clip names to their actual color
    • You can run it by clicking on Setlist → Set Clip Colors from Names in AbleSet’s settings menu
  • Added a progress bar in the status window for tasks that take a while
  • Added more class names for custom styling in performance view
    • Added looping on the page while in a loop
    • Added play-pause on the play/pause button and loop on the loop button
    • Changed playing to active on playback buttons
  • Fixed empty locators overwriting the clip color
  • Fixed automatic locator placement not recognizing the sections track in some scenarios
  • Fixed a small layout shift when the tooltip on the right playback button was opened

You can download this version here:
Mac (ARM):

The locators and cues are now playing nicely together. Fantastic work!

On this beta and the current release I’m pretty sure I was able to launch the " Intro " section but now I cannot. even after rolling back. I might however be mistaken.

Make sure your song marker is a little before the INTRO marker. You can Command and drag to move it just fractions without snapping, or just put a beat ahead.

That’s a good workaround for now, but the Intro section should also be clickable when it starts exactly at the same time as the song marker. That sounds like a bug, I’ll look into it!

I’m not 100% sure AbleSet will place a marker over an existing marker…could that be the problem? In other words, if the song marker is manually set at the top of a clip, should it create another marker on top of it?

I can confirm that it does not. To be honest, I’ve always had to offset the song marker from the first section when using the “Place Locators on Section Clips” feature, so I just assumed this was how it was intended.

I’ve just implemented a fix that makes the first section in the song clickable when it starts on the same time as the song itself. It’ll be part of the next beta :slight_smile:

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