AbleSet 2.2.3

This could have been a larger version jump as well, but it mainly includes fixes and improvements:

  • Added support for delaying the lyrics track by a number of beats using the [+1n] attribute
  • Added support for adding custom JS scripts
  • Added a .print-setlist class to allow custom styles on the printed setlist
  • Added an “Install AbleSet Plugin” button that shows up when AbleSet takes too long to connect to Ableton Live
  • Added more network-related debug information to log packages
  • Improved the performance of checking whether AbleSet is reachable using the .local address
  • Increased the timeout for connecting to the license server
  • Fixed the loop bracket not being disabled sometimes when jumping to the next section
  • Fixed songs animating weirdly in the setlist view when their locator is moved

You can download the latest version here:
Mac (ARM):