AbleSet 2.0.0

This is the biggest update to AbleSet with a bunch of new features and improvements. You can check out all new features here.


  • Lyrics & Chords
  • Customizable Performance View
  • Multi-File Projects
  • PlayAUDIO12 Integration
  • Dynamic Guide Tracks
  • Additional Jump Modes
  • OSC Support


  • Added native suport for M1/M2 Macs
  • Smoother progress bars in the setlist and performance views
  • Setlists can now be printed by pressing CMD+P in your browser
  • You can now hide skipped songs in the setlist editor
  • Searching for songs now displays more relevant results
  • Disabled the “Autoplay” option by default
  • Added an option to display the current time signature in the setlist
  • Added support for a CSS file to add custom styles to the web app
  • You can now jump forward/backward multiple songs or sections while waiting for Live’s quantization
  • Added a warning notification if the quantization settings of the current project are too low, with an option to automatically increase it to 1/4
  • Added a red background to the lock button when the web app is currently locked
  • AbleNet on macOS can now automatically discover other instances of AbleSet on more network configurations
  • In projects with multiple time signatures that use the AbleSet Controller, AbleSet now displays the correct position in bars and beats
  • You can now create a log package containing all relevant information for troubleshooting, including AbleSet and Live logs, related project files, and more
  • Improved the overall performance on the web app
  • Improved notifications, automatically removing those that aren’t relevant anymore
  • Improved the updating process, adding a progress indicator for downloads
  • You can now click the setlist title to enter edit mode and change it
  • Pressing ENTER in the title field saves the setlist and exits edit mode
  • AbleSet now tries to prevent your screen from going to sleep automatically while you’re using the web app


  • Fixed setlist downloads having an outdated name in some cases
  • Fixed AbleSet announcing itself to other instances on the network while AbleNet is turned off
  • Fixed AbleSet not being able to connect to Live when the ports used for communicating are already blocked by another program on the computer
  • Fixed section clips not being loaded correctly sometimes when opening a new project file while AbleSet is running

Here’s a video of the biggest changes: