AbleSet 1.8.0

This update has been a long time in the making and contains lots of fixes and improvements.

  • Added a Count-In feature that starts playback a few bars before the actual start of the song – Thanks Martin!
  • Improved layout of the performance view, with a bigger LTC display – Thanks Matt & Martin!
  • Added a button to completely lock the performance view without being able to accidentally unlock it – Thanks Matt!
  • Removed warnings about marker positions in the setlist view when quantization is disabled – Thanks Miller!
  • You can now manually specify the IP addresses of AbleNet clients – Thanks Miller!
  • AbleSet now syncs quantization settings between AbleNet clients to ensure playback stays in sync
  • Computers that join AbleNet now automatically sync the setlist to ensure that the order of songs is correct
  • Added +JUMP and +STAY flags for stop markers – Thanks Martin!
  • Added a +PAUSE flag for section markers that pauses playback once the section is reached – Thanks Gregori!
  • Added a warning in the setlist for markers that don’t have a name – Thanks Martin!
  • Added support for sessions using Live’s own loop brackets – Thanks Matt!
  • Improved reliability when installing the AbleSet Plugin on Windows – Thanks Dennis!
  • Improved the web app performance
  • Lots of small improvements