AbleSet 1.7.0

  • AbleSet can now display the current SMPTE timecode with the LTC Display device if you’re using an LTC timecode track – Thanks Chase!
  • You can now quickly search for songs and insert them into the setlist using ⌘+K or the plus button
  • Added an option to automatically jump to the next song when a stop point is reached – Thanks Matt!
  • You can now switch between setlist and performance mode using the key – Thanks Chase!
  • When you start editing a setlist, AbleSet will now only measure the durations of new songs. You can trigger a measure of all songs with the refresh button next to the total setlist duration.
  • AbleSet now detects SONGEND markers without a space
  • Removed the Record button from the setlist view to clean up the UI
  • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the next song one bar after starting a song in certain situations – Thanks Dane!
  • Fixed playback not stopping after reaching the SONG END marker of the last song in the setlist

Here’s a video of the biggest improvements: