AbleSet 1.11.0

This is likely the last update before version 2 of AbleSet. If you’ve bought your license key less than 6 months ago, you’ll be able to upgrade at no additional cost.

  • AbleSet now moves the start marker to the current section when jumping to it
  • You can now enable an option to let the current section finish before jumping to the selected section
  • You can now import setlists on phones and tablets using the OS’ file picker
  • Muted section clips are now ignored in the setlist
  • Sections that you can’t jump to are now more visible by making their titles slightly transparent
  • The loop button in the setlist view now blinks as expected while a loop escape is queued
  • Improved the performance for setlists with over 2000 markers
  • Improved the drift correction’s reliability by automatically disabling it once AbleSet knows that all computers are in sync
  • Fixed the computer appearing twice in the list of hosts when AbleNet is used with custom IP addresses
  • Fixed an issue where the loop bracket wouldn’t be placed correctly near the end of the Live arrangement sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where the current setlist would be overwritten by an outdated one when two AbleNet computers are syncing
  • Fixed automatic jumps between sections on one computer influencing playback on other computers with AbleNet enabled
  • Fixed downloaded setlists having an outdated file name
  • Fixed a bug that caused the downloaded setlist to have an outdated name
  • Reduced CPU usage