AbleSet 1.10.0

  • You can now password-protect the web app, so you can give more people access to it without having to worry about them modifying the setlist or disrupting playback
  • Setlists can now have a custom name that appears both in the setlist and performance view
  • You can now jump between song sections using the new Max for Live controller
  • The song and section comments in the performance view now use a brigher color for better readability
  • Added a tag to display the next song section in the performance view
  • Added an option to always stop playback when the current song ends
  • Improved the playback re-sync to be quicker when one computer isn’t playing
  • Improved the display of decimals during tempo ramps
  • Improved the message you see when your trial runs out
  • Fixed the new Host address being shown even when the operating system doesn’t support it
  • Fixed a bug that caused AbleSet to miss STOP markers in certain scenarios
  • Fixed the loop button flickering when jumping between cues or songs
  • Fixed the first song section marker not appearing in performance view if it has the same name as its song marker
  • Fixed loop brackets being placed in the space between a STOP marker and the next song
  • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the next song when disabling the loop bracket of the last section before a STOP marker

Here’s a video of the biggest improvements: